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Sound Off: Cell Ads for a Price

This is surprising: I didn't get as many of the irate, outrage filled response as I expected. Sure, some of you hate the idea of ads coming to your cell phone the moment you pass a store as much as I do...

It would not be a pleasant experience for the employees or owners of a business, if I were to receive a cell phone ad for a business that was in my proximity. I assure you that I would explain to them how I felt about such annoyances and liberties on their part. I don’t think they would do it twice!! -- Bob

I will scream as loud as humanly possible if I was to start getting that crap. I might even rebel against a store or company that sends me that kind of unwanted crap. It’s one thing to send me crap at home since it doesn’t cost me anything or to mail me crap since I don’t have to pay for mail, but if I have to pay for a call that I didn’t ask for, I will scream. -- Bruce

But some of you will tolerate if it cuts the bill ...

Sure everything has a price to it. I'll listen to the "phony" ads on my cell phone, in exchange for them subsidizing more of my monthly bill. Mike N.

I would be OK if cell phone ads were an option to the cell phone service. If you get the ads, you get a reduced monthly rate. -- Walt

And of course ...

Ads are everywhere else...if you have a cell phone deal with it. -- Steven

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