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Lightning Round: China Life, American Express, JetBlue and More

Boston Scientific : Not Cramer’s favorite. He said he would rather buy St. Jude for its superior balance sheet.

Avery Dennison : This maker of adhesives is getting hurt by high raw costs but Cramer said he would buy it. The stock has never “gone nuts” but he thinks it will “work its way higher.

Lightning Round

Cypress Semiconductor : CEO T.J. Rodgers said on Mad Money that the business was going well, but the stock hasn’t kept up. Cramer needs to find out more before making a decision on CY.

Infosys : Not as good as Accenture , according to Cramer.

Akamai : Cramer is bullish on Akamai, but stressed that he should have liked it Wednesday, before it announced a spike in profit.

China Life : Good, but not Cramer’s favorite Chinese play. He would rather buy Gushan or China Mobile, but sanctioned China Life nonetheless.

American Express : AMEX has “lost its way,” said Cramer. His financial pecking order goes Hudson City first, then Wells Fargo and Wachovia .

Triumph : “I cannot get behind that stock, not one bit.”

JetBlue : Sell, sell, sell. “I don’t want to be there at all,” Cramer said.

ITT Education : After putting up better numbers, Cramer prefers Apollo Group .

Jim's charitable trust owns St. Jude.

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