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Jimmy Kimmel Video "Gets Back" At Girlfriend Sarah Silverman

Jimmy Kimmel

I blogged a couple weeks ago about the really funny, really REALLY inappropriate music video actress/comedienne Sarah Silverman made revealing her "affair" with Matt Damon. What does this have to do with business?

Well, in the video she describes how her boyfriend -- Jimmy Kimmel -- likes Diet Snapple. In an effort to exploit this product placement, Diet Snapple mailed Kimmel a bunch of product to console him and sent out a press release.

Now, the tables have turned. Kimmel is getting back at his girlfriend with a star-studded, bleep-filled video of his own. (Search for the 'Jimmy and Ben Affleck video' from Kimmel's  post-Oscar telecast.)

By the way, check out Brad Pitt as a FedEx guy. Talk about product placement! Once again, be warned, while the obscenity in question is bleeped, this video may offend some -- though Josh Groban almost makes the word sound ... romantic.

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