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Time to sort through the Fast Money in-box and answer more of your questions.

Marcus from Maryland

Jeff, what do you think about Ruth’s Chris ? Is it an early consumer discretionary play?

It’s way too early, replies Jeff Macke.


John from Maryland

John writes, “Hi guys.  Everything I buy from gas to eggs has gone up in price. In my opinion, inflation is off and running. What's your best inflation play?”

I like TIPS or Treasury Inflation Protected Securities as an inflation trade, replies Karen Finerman.

Or get long the yen, says Tim Seymour with the CurrencyShares Japanese Yen Trust.


Henry from Ohio

Henry writes, “How much longer do I have to dig into the Microsoft hole before it completely covers me?  It's getting dark now...pass the light, I think I found oil!”

I think MSFT is cheap, replies Guy Adami. It should probably have a 3-handle.


John from Texas

John writes, “As oil continues to climb, oil services seem to lag. Are Schlumberger , Halliburton , and Baker-Hughes buys right now?”

Yes they are, says Tim Seymour. They are growing their revenues and I like all 3 companies.

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I like Baker Hughes best, adds Pete Najarian.

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