Geneva Motor Show: A Bevy of Beauties

It was all about beautiful cars and gorgeous girls as CNBC took to the ground for the 78th Geneva Motor Show, where automakers revealed their latest models, concept cars and technical and environmental innovations for 2008.

Geneva Motor Show's New Models

The 78th Auto Salon, held in the Palexpo hall, a huge exhibition center near Lake Leman, runs from March 6 to 16 and will host significant new offerings from the leaders in the automotive industry, like Ford , Mercedez-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen, as they try to position themselves in a fast-changing market.

Tackling climate change and reducing carbon emissions in an effort to become more 'green' was top of the agenda for companies, as drivers demand better fuel efficiency with energy prices continuing to rise.

General Motors' Saab launched a BioPower option, which allows cars to run on bioethanol, along with their new hybrid model >> Click here for GM interview on Saab , while Germany's Daimler also sought new routes towards making their cars more fuel efficient. >> Click here for Daimler interview

Lotus Launches Sexy Europa Upgrade

Lotus brought along its new upgraded Europa model to the 2008 Geneva Motor Show.

The car manufacturer also announced its latest development, the eco-friendly Exige 270E tri-fuel, in 'The Fight Against Climate Change', which is light-weight and low on carbon emissions as it runs on ethanol, bio-ethanol or ordinary super-unleaded gas.

Peugeot Citroen stepped up a gear, announcing they will bring out 40 new models by 2010, 20 of which would be Peugeots. The group also plans to expand its 'competitive premium cars' range.

Luxury car maker Rolls Royce presented its stunning new Phantom Coupe, based on the 101EX, an experimental hand-built car Rolls Royce first showed in 2006.  >> Click here for Phantom Coupe Video