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Maria Callas' Really, Really BIG Nose

Swarovski Fireplace

One of my favorite websites is It has all kinds of wacky items people who used to own Bear Stearns stock--back when it was $159 a share--could afford.

One of the things BornRich recently highlighted was a Swarovski crystal fireplace (image at right) , for $24,000.

Hey, whatever floats your yacht.

The fireplace was created by artist Justen Ladda, so I started to poke around his website to see what else he’s selling. I stumbled upon this:


Nose Statue

It’s entitled “Nose, Maria Callas.” !!!!

But wait! He has another version in case a humungous, three-foot-tall black nose with elephantine skin doesn’t go with your décor:

Nose Statue

That’s MUCH more subtle. No price given. Look, who am I to say there’s nose accounting for taste? Who am I to say when art becomes ridiculous? Perhaps, like obscenity, I know it when I see it.

Nose Statue

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