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Mad Mail: Put Trump on Wall of Shame

Boo-yah Jim: Your interview with Jim Hackett from Anadarko Petroleum was outstanding and "right on" in all areas. You and CNBC should put this 14-minute segment of your show on a DVD and send it to all the politicians in both the house and the senate. Or you should provide free copies to people who want to send it to the politicians of their choice, or just play it for the edification of their family and friends. This would be a great effort on your part to spread the truth about energy independence and conservation. Love your show; watch it every day. You made me a little money and more of a believer of the stock market. --Bob in Colorado

Cramer's Mad Mail

Cramer says: “I thought Hackett was a fabulous spokesman for the industry. As is [Chesapeake’s ] Aubry McClennan and Bob Simpson from XTO . These are the guys that need to go on Tim Russert [Meet the Press]. These are the guys who need to get in front of Obama and Hillary, and get in front of McCain. Because they are great spokespeople for an important industry.”

Dear Cramer: You said last week that it was time to buy NuStar Energy. However, it has fallen about 10% since then. Is it time to put a post-it note on your forehead? –Helene

Cramer says: “Actually, we said we like EPD more than NuStar.”


Dear Jim Cramer: I fully support your stance for bringing back the “uptick rule” by the SEC, which was eliminated last July. As a small investor, I have seen my investments severely reduced by the stock price manipulation by hedge funds at the end of days trading since July. Please keep this topic as an upfront issue on your show.

Cramer says: “This is a very difficult issue. I am going to try to stay on it because I think it’s important. But you have to understand: I have a bull’s eye on every aspect of my body from everybody that I attack. And it is relentless for me and my family.”


Dear Jim: In a humorous tone, but making a point, you should put Trump on the Wall of Shame for NOT picking Trace Adkins. Trump used a whole lot of the very same adjectives to describe Piers Morgan that you use when describing the Wall of Shame CEOs. Piers reminded me of Ken Lay and Dennis Kozlowski in his tactics and mannerisms. You go after the CEOs on the Wall of Shame appropriately, so don't let Trump off the hook. --Eliot from Seattle

Cramer says: “No, Mr. Trump runs in an organization where everybody who works for him values him. He is, in the end, a great builder, and I feel like this would be completely wrong. This guy is a winner, not a loser.”


Dear Jim: You recommended Enterprise Products Partners because of a 6.9% dividend. EPS in 2007 was $0.96. Total dividends were $1.95.  But how can the dividends be greater than the EPS? --John

Cramer says: “Remember, they do have debt. And when we look at the cash flow of the company, the cash flow more than covers the dividends, which is why we stick with it.”

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