Options Look to Hepatitis-C Payoff


Options activity is picking up in Johnson & Johnson stock. Why?

"I would be inclined to correlate it to the move higher in hepatitis-C drugmakers earlier this week," Rebecca Darst said on CNBC's "Squawk Box." "You know, there was a positive clinical trial from Intermune earlier this week that was spectacularly bullish for the stock, and suddenly, analysts are paying attention to this $4 billion possible US-European market for hepatitis-C, which is the leading cause of liver transplants in the US. And we saw appreciable upside in a number of drug companies that have hepatitis-C drugs in the pipeline, among them Schering-Plough , which has been a very volatile stock over the past week; Vertex ; again, Intermune; and we saw some muted upside in Johnson & Johnson ."

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