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Mad Mail: Infamous Bear Stearns E-Mailer Vindicates Cramer

Cramer had a VIP caller for Friday’s Mad Mail: Peter from Illinois, the viewer who wrote the now-infamous Bear Stearns question back on March 10. He vindicated Cramer from all the misreported accounts of the Mad Money host’s call from that day: “My question was specifically about the assets that were in my different accounts. It had nothing to do with the equity BSC.” Hence, Cramer’s answer that the money of Bear Stearn’s clients was safe.

Mad Mail


Dear Jim: I first heard you on Howard Stern a few weeks ago, and thought you were a great guest. I then started watching Mad Money and find the show to be a wonderful learning tool. I wanted to get into the stock market as another form of investing in my future. My question for you is, do you recommenced a new investor to the market to invest there money in smaller-value solid stocks like Darling International, so they could by more shares, or buy fewer shares of high-value stocks like Goldman Sachs? I thank you for making the market interesting for people like me and for the work you do to educate and entertain. You are doing good work. --Ryan

Cramer says: “All my books say the same thing, the show says the same thing: The first $10,000 in an index fund. You have to learn how the stock market works…the most important thing you need to know is, until you’ve done the homework, unless you have the time and inclination – one hour per week per position – mutual funds, mutual funds, mutual funds.”

Jim's charitable trust owns Goldman Sachs.

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