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Our traders are good - but you knew that! Check out their latest picks that paid.

Karen Finerman

Despite facing an initial loss on this trade, on March 28th the Chairwoman felt certain that the refiners would gush profits. At the time she said, “Valero , Tesoro  , and Sunoco , it's a volatile group” “I expect that we will make money, I don't know if it's straight up from here but I am still in it”

Finerman has learned to trust her instincts. Tesoro and Valero are each up 6% since her call to stick with the refiners.

Jeff Macke

On March 28th the Lone Wolf saw nothing but ‘net’ on RIMM. At the time he said, “I love Research in Motion , it's a must have.”

Macke’s a true player. Shares of the BlackBerry maker are up 8% after slam dunk earnings.

Pete Najarian

Also on March 28th the Pit Boss saved the day with his heroic trade. At the time he said, “Take a look at Hercules, one of the directors bought a 100,000 shares 2 days ago. When the insiders start buying, I like it.”

The trade is to be admired. Shares of Hercules are up an overpowering 15% in just one week’s time.

Guy Adami

On March 13th the Negotiator sensed a turnaround at a home improvement retailer. At the time he said, “I think you can get long in Home Depot . I think it's got another run to $30.”

Adami isn’t just puttering around. Shares of Home Depot climbed 10% since his latest call.

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