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Kobe Bryant On Olympic Protests

Kobe Bryant

We were in Beaverton, Oregon for Nike's Olympic Summit.

Tomorrow on "Squawk Box" we will bring you an exclusive one on one sitdown with Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant on the new Hyperdunk shoe, which Bryant will wear at the Olympics.

But we couldn't wait for the morning because Kobe was most eloquent when asked about how he felt about all the Olympic protests.

"I think we could use the opportunity to try to turn a negative into a positive. And the positive being raising awareness for what's going on and I think if there's a silver lining in this whole situation I think that could be it. There's a stage now created for the whole world to see what's going on and for everybody to jump in and help out."

More from Bryant and the Hyperdunk in an CNBC Exclusive tomorrow at 8.20 am ET on "Squawk Box."

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