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Mad Mail: Why Is Coke Going Down?

Dear Jim: What happened to the XMSR/SIRI merger calendar? This is what the FCC wants, for everybody to forget about the merger without having to come to a decision!

Mad Mail

Cramer says: It’s an outrage that the deal between XM and Sirius , now one year and 63 days overdue according to the calendar, is still being held up by the FCC even after the Department of Justice gave its blessing. It has reached the stratosphere of benign neglect.


Dear Jim: You tell us to do our homework, what about yours on Google ? You have missed big and have probably cost your viewers a lot of money. Wouldn't it be a lot nicer to say “I really am uncertain about Google,” instead of saying you didn't like Google and calling it dead money? $90 up is not dead money. –Ed

Cramer says: I blew it. While I’m not a total moron, considering I recommended Google back when it was at $90, I was wrong on it here. I listened to the data provided by comScore, like a lot of shorts did, and it sent me in the wrong direction.


Dear Jim: A stuttering, digitally enhanced, Rushmore state Booyah! I've been holding Coca-Cola since the beginning of April, and so far I've been in the house of mild discomfort. House of pain? Not yet, but getting there. Curious, I checked the recent activity of Pepsico and the two seem to be doing the same thing. Why? --Erik

Cramer says: Defensive stocks aren’t doing well because a lot of investors are betting that the recession, which has not even formally been declared, is over. The companies, however, are not doing poorly, so use the weakness to buy more of stocks like KO.

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