Protect Your Portfolio: Tech, Fast Food & Green Stocks

Brooke Sopelsa|Video Producer

Stocks slid Tuesday in response to disappointing earnings announcements, but that doesn’t mean investors portfolios have to take a hit.

CNBC asked market experts how investors could protect their portfolios and their profits, and here are some of their suggestions:

Green Investing

Making Green By Investing Green

"People are increasingly trying to build their buildings green, and Interface carpet tiles are made from recycled materials as a starting point, which is a cost advantage, and in addition it’s incredibly cost effective in terms of a replacement cycle, because if you have a coffee stain that inevitably occurs in the office, you lift the carpet square and replace it, as opposed to needing to replace everything."

Matt Patsky, Winslow Green Growth Fund

Patsky also recommends: Gaiam

McDonald's Earnings

Fattening Your Profits With Fast Food

"There’s really two different camps of stocks within restaurants.  You have these global franchise names, like Yum Brands and McDonald’s , and Yum is a wonderful long-term story that has also done well coming into the quarter. Then there’s more of the struggling casual dining type names, which are at a much much lower valuation…there’s probably some good entry points for a name like Darden , which would be a leader in that space."

David Palmer, UBS Senior Restaurant Analyst

Economic Slowdown

Betting on Mega-Cap Tech

"In the mega-cap space, we still like IBM, we still like Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Microsoft...Those are names that have that broad-based, non U.S. growth, most of them market-share leaders, gaining market share, free cash flow, buying back stock...and not expensive, all the things you want when you look at these kind of companies."

Bob Doll, BlackRock Vice Chairman and Global CIO of Equities