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Who Bought the Cursed Ortiz Jersey?

Jimmy Fund Chairman Mike Andrews (center) and Dana-Farber patients Ryan Reardon (left) and Gerry House unveil the jersey in the Jimmy Fund Red Sox Gallery at Dana-Farber.

So the buried David Ortiz jersey went for $175,100 today. Even after I threw out my guess of $156,000 for the "cursed" Boston Red Sox jersey buried beneath the new Yankee Stadium, most of my readers doubted me, as only 17 percent of you said it would go for more than $150,000.

I just spoke to the winner. His name is Kevin Meehan and he owns car dealerships called Imperial Cars in Mendon, Mass. He told me he bought the jersey because he's a Red Sox fan and was happy to make the donation for the cause: the Jimmy Fund, the Red Sox's official charity that is affiliated with Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Meehan lost his father to cancer.

When I told Meehan that I thought he'd get about $15 million worth of publicity from this (Meehan is giving his Web site to reporters:, he said it was a shame, because people had donated much more than this and never got recognized.

For the past couple hours, before he called me back, I was studying Meehan's buying habits and they were pretty strange. This April, he had spent more than $17,000 on . And my producer, Tom Rotunno, did plenty of clicking and found out that in the past month he bought 21 concert tour jackets. Check this out:

Michael Jackson leather jacket: $199.50

Motley Crue leather jacket: $1,530

Hammer “Don’t Hurt ‘Em” tour jacket: $25

McCartney Beatles tour jacket: $390

Jackson Five tour jacket: $54.35

Grateful Dead tour jacket: $45.44

Kenny Rogers tour jacket: $25

Guns N’ Roses jacket: $152.50

Rolling Stones jacket: $355

Marilyn Manson jacket: $57.98

Puff Daddy jacket: $99.95

Dropkick Murphy’s jacket: $41

Rod Stewart satin jacket: $54.57

Crosby Stills & Nash tour jacket: $26

Linkin Park Jacket: $36

AC/DC tour jacket: $192.50

Toby Keith jacket: $120

Madonna tour jacket: $183.51

Signed KISS biker jacket: $1,200

BB King tour jacket: $50

Alice Cooper tour jacket: $200

I asked Meehan what he was doing with all this and he said he was opening up some car dealerships with a Rock n' Roll theme. Wow, I feel much better now.

That still doesn't explain why he paid $2,025 for a complete set of Pennsylvania fishing badges.

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