Fast-Track Stocks In a Slowing Economy

Andrew Fisher

How does an investor get on the fast track in a slowing economy?  Eric Schoenstein of Jensen Investment Management has a couple of suggestions.

His four-star Jensen Portfolio is up an average of 7 percent per year over the last five years.


His first pick is medical device maker Stryker.

"It has very good sustainable competitive advantages that will allow it to grow into the future at very robust growth rates," he told CNBC. 

"One of the things that sets a company like Stryker apart from many other so-called 'quality growth companies' is their ability to...perform in a number of different environments."

Schoenstein also likes Pepsi-Cola, and prefers it to its giant arch-rival, Coca-Cola.


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"We like Pepsi because of its diversity across products," he said. 

"You've got both beverages and snacks, and...that ability to go to the retailers and go to the marketplace with a broad portfolio of products -- 18 megabrands with over a billion dollars in sales -- really gives them an extra step up."


Schoenstein owns Stryker and Pepsi-Cola through his fund and also owns Stryker personally.