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Tanker Wars Redux And American Idolzzzzzzzzzz

Defense giants Boeing and Northrop Grumman keep going at it over the Air Force tanker deal. This as the clock ticks down on a Government Accounting Office investigation into whether the current decision should stand.

Even as the Air Force called the CEO's of both companies into a meeting a couple weeks back for what may have been a "Can't we all get along?" chat, advocates for both sides continue the PR war on the blogosphere.

In Boeing's corner, fans have started the Here they provide updates on the verbal missiles launched by both sides, occasionally launching a few of their own--like calling the Northrop Grumman-EADS Airbus tanker "as American as Apple Strudel." Amazingly, there's a poll there on the blog to vote on whether Congress should stop the EADS contract, AND THE "NO"s ARE WINNING!

Perhaps the Northrop media department is logging in from every PC it can find to vote.

Meantime, Raytheon (a defense company no one ever thinks about but has its tentacles in practically everything), is trying to exploit the weekend release of "Iron Man" from Marvel and Viacom's Paramount. Raytheon claims it has the "Real Iron Man," an Exoskeleton robotic suit a soldier wears to become stronger faster longer. They call it an "amplifier." Check out the image. When I asked how much one of those things costs, a company spokesman told me "Unfortunately, I cannot provide any cost details at this point." I could really use one of those...

Zzzzzzz. Oh, hey, is it over yet? MOST BORING IDOL EVER! The contestants seemed uncomfortable around Neil Diamond, who seems like a very nice man. They were even less comfortable singing his songs.

Someone please put Jason Castro out of his misery. Brooke did a much better job on her second song, but the first didn't make me "a believer." Syesha did pretty well, but she will not and should not win, which seems to surprise her. David Archuleta is phenomenal, but that kid is stressed out. And David Cook, my fave, appeared to be phoning it in last night.

The best part of the show was Paula. She called Syesha "Brooke," and then, of course, she commented on Jason's two songs after he'd only sung one. I used to think Simon was the reason to watch the show. Now I'm thinking Paula is the scene-stealer.

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