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Wind-Stock Wins?

Tetra Tech CEO

CNBC’s Green Week has passed, but that doesn’t mean money can’t still be made on eco-friendly stocks like Tetra Tech .

Even though Tetra operates largely in water management and infrastructure, Cramer’s most excited about the company’s wind business. During an interview with CEO Dan Batrack, the Mad Money host found plenty of reasons to be positive.

While the wind market’s expected to grow 25%, “we’re seeing growth much bigger than that,” Batrack said. The $50 million in business last year should grow to more than $100 million in 2008. Just in the past 90 days alone, Tetra Tech’s posted $170 million in orders. 

Ethanol may come with a price, namely profit-killing costs for food businesses, and it still hasn’t been fully developed as an alternative to oil. But, Batrack said, “Wind is ready to go now without any trade-offs.”

“I want you in a wind stock,” Cramer said. Otter Tail, Trinity and Tetra Tech are all worth consideration.

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