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The Next Tech Takeover Targets

Don't worry about the collapse of the Microsoft-Yahoo deal, says Jason Trennert.  The chief investment strategist for Strategas Partners says it's definitely the season for corporate weddings.

"If you're if you're thinking about M&A, I think this is the year to do it," he told CNBC Monday.

A lot of that, he says, has to do with the political climate.

"There's a lot of questions about the sustainability of the Bush tax cuts on dividends and capital gains," he said.  "If you're thinking about selling your company, obviously you can do it at a much lower tax rate, and also you know what the regulatory regime is."


Trennert sees attractive takeover targets in the technology sector.

"It has very little debt, tons of cash...[and] it's not dependent upon the debt markets," he observed.  "In this environment, cash is king, and I think technology is well positioned."

The top targets he's spotted are SanDisk and Commscope .

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Disclosure information for Trennert was not immediately available.


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