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Mad Mail: True Religion's Designer Jeans Cult

Dear Jim: Last night in your Colfax segment, you mentioned the impact of ethanol driving up the price of your beef barbeque. Nobody BBQ's a porterhouse -- grilling is NOT BBQ. There is a big difference. If you are ever in Arkansas, I will take you out for BBQ. I can learn from you, and you can learn from me. --Andy

Cramer says: “You’re absolutely right. I was just grilling. I stand corrected. I’m not going to make that mistake again.”

Mad Mail


Hi Jim: I was reviewing some of my stocks and in reading the news on Marvel Entertainment, I found the following: "The company said its improved forecast did not include upside from the box office success of Iron Man, only its better-than-expected first-quarter performance." Given that we still don't know the full magnitude of the revenues prior to the May 22nd release of the Indiana Jones movie, do you feel that both MVL and the obvious tie-in to Hasbro via licensing is still a long-term hold? --Jim from Fresno, CA

Cramer says: [Marvel’s] up on a spike. Hasbro’s up on a spike. That concerns me. I would take some off the table. No one ever got hurt taking a profit. When stock’s go up that quickly, we don’t give them speeding tickets, but we do ring the register.”


Dear Cramer: Last week, I bought True Religion Apparel before its earnings announcement and sold it yesterday for a nice 24% gain. Awesome! But given the state of the economy, how did a company that gets 72% of its earnings from $300 jeans beat estimates? I'm glad it worked out for me, but how did this happen? --John from Chicago

Cramer says: “TRLG’s a cult. And people will pay anything for cults, like they will for Apple. So, TRLG had a good quarter, but you were smart to ring the register.”

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