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Wine Wiz Gary Vaynerchuk Talks Vino

Bottoms Up

Gary Vaynerchuk takes a stock-market approach to vino. Much like Wall Street’s value investors, he’s always looking for a good deal, sniffing out $10 bottles that are worth $30 and $200 names that should fetch $5,000. With his video blog, he’s doing for wine what Cramer does for stocks: He’s taking a notoriously snobby subject and making it accessible.

On set for Tuesday’s Mad Money, Vaynerchuk walked Cramer through some of the biggest names in the business. Watch this video for the Vaynerchuk’s take on Diageo, Constellation Brands, Brown Forman – even Coca-Cola – and more. And don’t miss Vaynerchuk’s picks for the three best wines to own.

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