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Pellicano Verdict Does Not Mean Saga Is Over

Anthony Pellicano was found guilty Thursday, convicted of all but one of the 77 counts against him. That includes racketeering, wiretapping and running a criminal enterprise. I've covered the trial over the last few months (see posts in related links), and it's been as high profile as you can get.

The biggest fraud and wiretapping case of its kind, it also named more big Hollywood names than anything that preceded it. Pellicano did snooping for the top execs in Hollywood, and it seems he wiretapped the rest of the names on any Hollywood who's who list.

What now? Each of the racketeering counts carries a maximum of 20 years in prison, while most of the other counts have five year maximum sentences. Sentencing for these counts is set for September 24.

But he'll be back in court before then--July 15--to face trial on two additional charges of conspiracy and wiretapping with Terry Christense, a big Hollywood attorney, and a former client of Pellicano's.

What a saga and it's not over yet. (And yes, the news came out yesterday, but I was in transit)

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