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Hot Stocks: Tech's Emerging Markets

Andrew Fisher

Noah Blackstein likes cutting-edge consumer technology.  Gregory Church likes emerging-market opportunities.  Imagine what happens when you put them together!

"I think that the smart-phone revolution, or the move away from cell phones to what are called smart phones, is really just beginning," Dynamic Mutual Funds portfolio manager Blackstein told CNBC.

So where does Church Capital Management's founder and chief investment officer see opportunities in the emerging markets?

"You want big-cap stocks that do a lot of business overseas," he said.  "Those are the areas that are growing.  For a long time, the United States has been the engine of the economy.  We're the caboose right now."


Blackstein is very enthusiastic about Apple and Research In Motion .

"If you look at the number of units sold by both Apple and RIM, they're still pretty small in a market that's 1.2 billion handsets globally," he said.  "This is less about the handset market growing than the market share if these types of devices taking, so, there's still significant room and significant opportunity for both those companies to grow, and to continue to take share from the likes of Motorola , Nokia, and other traditional cell phone vendors."

Church has a couple of favorites that play into the tech appetite of the emerging markets.

"I like some of these big tech companies like Cisco and EMC," he said.  "If the handsets are going to be there, they're going to need a place to store data, and they're going to need pipes to run the Internet.  Those play perfect; they're cheap stocks...and a lot of business from overseas."

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Disclosure information for Blackstein and Church was not immediately available.