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Today's Top Videos: AIG, BlackRock & More...


The Bond kings react to the Fed leaving the interest rate unchanged at 2 percent, while Morgan Stanley reports strong earnings numbers. Following are today's top videos:

Retired AIG Chairman Speaks

“First of all, AIG is a global company. It’s in our national interest that AIG survives. It’s in 130 countries, there’s no company like it in the world. Its liquidity can be resolved—it’s over a trillion dollars of assets in the company. So given some time, it could raise more funds and sell assets.”

—Hank Greenberg, Former Chairman & CEO, AIG

Bond Reaction to Fed Decision

“I think what [the Fed] is trying to say is that they do have a lot of tools in their toolbox and they’re using them pretty aggressively. With the jobless claims and the economy, I thought the Fed would go another quarter or half, but I can understand that they’re not because they’re using these tools.”

—Ken Volpert, Head of Taxable Bond Group, Vanguard

Morgan Stanley Earnings Analysis

Morgan Stanley Earnings Analysis

“The [Morgan Stanley ] revenue numbers are impressive. As long as we’re seeing the final wind down such as the tragedy at AIG, and some of the other counterparty situations going on—we’re seeing the commodities side unwind as well—so the counterparty risk is now fully moving out as we deleverage…”

—Peter Sorrentino, Senior Portfolio Manager, Huntington Asset Management

The Future of BlackRock

The Future of BlackRock

“I had a nice conversation with Ken Lewis yesterday and I look forward to working with Ken and Bank of America —it’s a wonderful company. [Our companies] have a great relationship together. I don’t see any real change in how BlackRock operates—we are an independent investment firm and we work alongside with all our distributors.”

—Laurence Fink, Chairman & CEO, BlackRock

Maria's Market Message

Maria’s Market Message

“The state of the financial sector will take priority on Wall Street tomorrow as markets wait for the latest developments on AIG. Also on the radar, more information on the health of the real estate market, when housing starts release in the morning. Food giant General Mills is out with its earnings before the bell…”

—Maria Bartiromo, CNBC’s Closing Bell