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Your '09 Predictions: Ford Thrives, GM Survives, Chrysler Dies


Happy New Year!  Yes, I was bummed to see my Blackhawks get blown out by the Wings at Wrigley. But as I watched a hockey game played outside (very cool!), I read through your predictions for next year in the auto industry. Karnac has nothing on you guys.

What will happen to Ford?

Anthony e-mailed, "Ford will survive and come out of this stronger than it was when the whole credit crunch/ gas crisis began."

Guy agrees saying, "I believe Ford will emerge a top competitor to Toyota, regain a lot of lost market share and their stock price will rise and surpass GM."

Finally, Rick adds, "I predict Ford will emerge from these times as one of the Cinderella stories. One of their biggest challenges will be to change peoples knowledge of the North American Auto Industry."

Most of you are not as optimistic about GM in '09.

John: "Stock price goes well below a buck and thusly gets de-listed. After this, a suitor (VW) swoops in and scoops up all GM assets and sells off the fat, leaving a few choice morsels for re-tooling and re-hiring only the most qualified workers."

Thomas: "GM Will go bankrupt and emerge from bankruptcy as a smaller yet viable company."

Art: "GM & Chrysler will somehow merge, then file a government backed and sponsored bankruptcy to dump the bondholders, unneeded dealers, and what's left of the UAW contracts."

Art's prediction about Chrysler echoes what I heard from many of you about the smallest of the Big 3.

Jim was blunt in writing, "It gives me no pleasure to predict it, but Chrysler will not exist as a freestanding auto manufacturer next year at this time."

Stanley agrees: "2009 will be a transition year in the Auto Industry. Chrysler will not survive as an independent auto maker but could, and most likely will, be bought out by a Korean Auto Maker."

Bill goes into similar detail in predicting the demise of Chrysler saying, "Chrysler will be sold off in pieces probably minivans to VW, trucks to Nissan and Jeep to highest bidder probably Chinese, balance will be closed through liquidation!"

Thanks again, for your e-mails. There is no way I could include everyone's comments, but this is pretty good sampling of what you are calling for.

Happy New Year and for all you Mizzou fans out there, it's great to end the year with a win!

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