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Who's Getting A Bonus This Year? (Pt 3)

I'm blogging all day about a site which lets users review their companies and CEO's anonymously.

One of the challenges of the web site is that users are anonymous and don't have to prove what they make or whom they work for. Users do have to provide Glassdoor with an email address, but it's unlikely most employees would provide their work email. Believe me, if I'm going to review CNBC, I won't be using my NBC email. But, as CEO Robert Hohman explained in an earlier post, the site tries to weed out fishy reviews.

The site is also releasing today to CNBC some new data on how users feel about job security and pay:

57 percent expect a bonus for the year just ended! About half of that number expect the bonus will be bigger than the year before!

40 percent expect a raise this year!

On the other hand...

52 percent say they are working harder to avoid being laid off.

23 percent say their companies are laying off employees.

15 percent say their companies have told them to expect layoffs.

Glassdoor co-founder and CEO Robert Hohman likes to comb through the data for interesting twists. For example, in the video clip he talks about how Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd has nearly the same disapproval rating as Yahoo's Jerry Yang, which may seem counterintuitive, given the stock performance of the two firms.

Yang made headlines all throughout 2008 for, in hindsight, blowing the chance to be acquired by Microsoft , and shares plummeted 44 percent. Hurd remained under the radar, while shares only fell 21 percent. So what's the deal?

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