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Buy These Mid-Cap Stocks: Manager


You've heard the arguments: Small-cap stocks have the transparency and flexibility to lead the recovery.  Large-cap stocks have the liquidity to lead the recovery. So why is neither market cap size leading the way?

As Larry Kudlow pointed out on CNBC, the mid-cap S&P 400 is up 27 percent since the November bottom, outperforming both ends of the stock spectrum.

"I like the mid-cap space, because you get the information opportunity of small-cap investing, with the liquidity of large caps," RidgeWorth Capital Management's Don Wordell told CNBC. 


"One of my favorite tech ideas is Intersil, a semiconductor company that has no debt, a couple hundred million dollars on the balance sheet, tremendous operating leverage when the cycle turns," he said.

Finding Value in the Market

He also likes XTO Energy.


Disclosure information for Don Wordell was not immediately available.