Two-Way Street

Debating Psychology in the Town Hall Meeting


There isn't a whole of agreement about market psychology and market timing.

If you caught our little TV-Web experiment today, you'd see that. "Power Lunch" hosted a special Town Hall today on investing. That was cool in and of itself. But after TV time was over, we took the event onto the Web site via livestream.

Web Extra: Where to Invest Now, Pt. 1

Amid my Phil Donohue routine, we had some lively conversations about whether investing is 90% or 50% emotion and whether buy and hold is relevant for the Baby Boomer set. Guess what, our experts didn't agree. Check it out in the video. (And Part Two is here)

And for the rest of the Town Hall discussion, check out the videos on the Power Lunch page.

Also, we had hundreds of emails asking questions of our experts. Obviously we couldn't get to them all. So we're forwarding a bunch to the gang at On The Money so that maybe some of their experts can give them a go.

Or if you'd just rather daydream, check out the golfing resort slideshow.