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Survival Of The Fittest


Charles Darwin, whose book "On The Origin of Species" transformed how we see the natural world, was born 200 years ago today.

Wondering what on earth that would have to do with trading? Simple. He advanced the concept of survival of the fittest and nothing could be more relevant in today’s stock market.

So, in keeping with that theme we asked the traders, who will survive this recession and come out stronger? Here’s their theory of evolution!

Guy Adami

Look at Jefferies, says the Negotiator. Their quarter was a disaster but they’re positioned for a rebound. When the world comes back together they should win.

Pete Najarian

I like Apple , says the Pit Boss. “They’ve got $28 billion in cash, they’re trading at a low multiple, and they’ve got growth out the wazoo!”

Jeff Macke

My play is Hasbro , says the Wolf. If you have kids you’re going to buy toys. Also, they just reported their quarter, that means they can’t miss for another 2 ½ months!

Survival of the Fittest

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