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Two Stock Picks: Biotech & Pharma

Rounding out a rough week on Wall Street, biotech and pharma emerged as the Friday-trade choices of two CNBC guests, Peter Costa of Empire Executions and Tradition Capital Management's Benjamin Halliburton.


Costa chose Celgene and Halliburton picked Schering Plough. 

"They have pretty good products in the pipeline for cancer, and (the stock has been) trading its lows for the last year and a half," Costa said of Celgene.

Halliburton also pointed to the bargain nature of his selection.

"The stock has come down dramatically over the bad PR on Zetia and Vytorin," he said. "They get half of their sales on an international basis; they made a great Organon acquisition; we think they're a double-digit grower for a long period of time."


Disclosure information for Peter Costa and Benjamin Halliburton was not immediately available.


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