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The Best American CEOs of All Time

Throughout the history of business, the failure or success of a company relies on many factors, not the least of which is the corporate savvy of the executive running the show. In recent times, many CEOs have come under fire for mismanagement of their corporations, while some have been applauded for successfully navigating a tough economy.

With much controversy surrounding CEOs of today, the question stands: Who are the best CEOs of all time? Portfolio.com set out to answer the question. Assembling a panel of professors from the top business schools around the country, Portfolio surveyed them on the records of CEOs who best created (or destroyed) value, innovation, while possessing the best (or worst) management skills. From this, they’ve formulated a list of the 20 Best American CEOs of all time. Here they are.

Rankings By: Portfolio.com
Posted 24 Apr 2009