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Friday Stock Trades: Natural Gas, Underwear & More…


Peter Costa, president of Empire Executions, and Eric Cinnamond, money manager at Intrepid Capital Funds, told CNBC how investors can prepare their portfolios for the weekend.


The Friday Trade

Costa Likes:

Intercontinental Exchange— "I see the derivatives markets picking up, and there’s going to be some regulation that’s going to try to regulate these derivatives which is going to make people more confident to trade them," Costa said of the company. "It’s got another shot at going back up."

U.S. Natural Gas Fund—"I see a lot of volume on the upside and when we see that, it’s going to shoot up."

Cinnamond Likes:

Contango Oil & Gas—"Their balance sheet has no debt unlike most energy businesses," said Cinnamond. "They’re aggressively buying back stock and they have quite a bit of cash to continue that."

Core Mark —"They’re the market-leading distributor to gas stations. It’s a very stable business and the industry has grown at about 7 percent annually over the last 10 years."

Maidenform Brands—"Underwear business does well in recessions. [Maidenform] sells to Target and WalMart and private label business has done well—it grew 30 percent last quarter."


No immediate information was available for Cinnamond or Costa.