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Steffanie Marchese

6/27/09 - CNSUZ062709 - CAN I AFFORD IT? DELUXE EDITION!: A special hour dedicated to Suze's most popular segment. Viewers ask if they can afford high-priced and unusual items. Callbacks to previous guests to find out what happened after the verdict. Plus, the fan favorite Can I Afford It is revealed.

7/04/09 - CNSUZ070409- MILITARY MONEY: On this July 4th, Suze focuses on questions from the men and women in America's Armed Forces: Topics include Home ownership, TSPs, Credit Card Debt. Plus an all military Can I Afford It segment.

7/11/09 - CNSUZ071109 - EXTREME DEBT: Suze tackles a case of extreme debt. Also, what to think about before you ask someone for money. Viewers ask if they can afford U2 concert tickets, a honeymoon in New Zealand.

7/18/09 - CNSUZ071809- DEBT ETHICS: When do you walk away from your debt, when do you claim bankruptcy? A woman asks if she should stop paying her credit cards. Viewers ask if they can afford a Boston Terrier, Vehicle backup sensors.

7/25/09 - CNSUZ072509 - A SUZE INTERVENTION: A family asks Suze to step in & help a man who hasn't paid his taxes in years. Viewers ask if they can afford horseback riding school, tickets to see Billy Joel & Elton John.

8/01/09 - CNSUZ080109 - DON'T LOOK BACK: Why you need to look at what you have, not what you had. How to talk to your kids about this economy. Viewers ask if they can afford a vintage Ferrari, a racing wheelchair.

8/08/09 - CNSUZ080809 - SUZE INTERVENTION UPDATE: A Guest that needed a Suze Intervention returns after just two weeks to update his dire situation. Viewers ask if they can afford Louis Vuitton Dog Collars, a Trip to India.

8/15/09 - CNSUZ081509 - LAYOFF LOWDOWN: What to do with a 401(k) after you've lost your job. A laid-off news anchorwoman is shocked after opening her severance package. Viewers ask if they can afford a tornado shelter, guitar lessons.

8/22/09 - CNSUZ082209 - DEBT LOYALTY LIST: What debt you should pay first, what debt you should pay last. A mother wants to know if it's a good idea buy a home for her college-aged son. Viewers ask if they can afford permanent makeup, a baby grand piano.

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