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Fast Money World: Head Overseas


With the S&P seemingly stuck in a rut is it time to put money to work overseas?

That concept is quickly gaining momentum among American investors. Just take a look at the latest estimates from the World Bank and you can understand why.

They say massive policy stimulus should keep China growing at a respectable rate. In fact, in a quarterly update, the bank raised its forecast for GDP growth to 7.2% -- up from the 6.5% it projected in March. And they added China's growth in 2010 was likely to be a bit stronger than that.

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Also, reports from South America suggest Brazil's economy should post growth of around 1% in 2009. (We know that's not technically overseas but you get the idea.)

With BRIC nations likely to emerge from the downturn somewhat faster than their developed counterparts how should you position yourself? For insights we turned to Mike Gurka of Empowerglobal Funds.

Gurka told us he recommends diversifying your portfolio with companies headquartered outside the U.S. and is especially bullish on Chile based Sociedad Quimica y Minera. And ahead of the broadcast Gurka told our producers he also likes Brazil and South Africa which you can play with the EZA and EWZ.

Tim Seymour has a few other ideas. He suggests long positions in Banco Bradesco and/or Itau Unibanco  as Brazil based banking plays.

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