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Michael Jackson: The Music And The Money

Michael Jackson

Monday the two men who submitted a 2002 will for Michael Jackson naming them as co-executors will be in court with lawyers for Jackson's mother.

A judge may then determine if the 2002 will is THE will, and if authority of the estate should be taken away from Katherine Jackson.

I'm speaking with an estate planning attorney in Los Angeles about just how bad this could get--look for that Monday.

But others outside the Jackson estate are looking to cash in.

In yet another bizarre twist worthy of this complex tale, "world-renowned clairvoyant Psychic Medium and clairvoyant Medical Intuitive Dr. Christian von Lähr to be the Medium" is available for live interviews (or, "LIVE media interviews" as he put it) where he will reveal what Michael is telling him from beyond the grave.

Lähr says he first revealed detailed informationabout Jackson's life - transmitted to him from Michael's spirit--on Coast to Coast (I do miss Art Bell, by the way).  In that radio interview, we're told that Jackson talked about his family, his assets, and "revealed for the first time that he did not father his children." I coulda told you that.

Meantime, an update on the small entrepreneurs outside Neverlandin the town of Los Olivos. I first mentioned them yesterday, yet even as we've learned that Jackson's remains may not end up there, business is still being transacted.

From an eyewitness over the last 24 hours:

"New flower sales tent set up in Los Olivos, roses $10/doz."

"The county is mowing the sides of the road, Verizon is working on the lines heading up that way, warning signs posted on the road, civil engineering has started (porta-potties, dumpsters), more uniformed officers, camp sites set up along the road, no parking being 'enforced'."

"Folks selling MJ tee shirts at the intersection of 154 and Figueroa Mountain Road."

"There is a genuine 'Roach Coach' that looks like it normally services the field workers, as well as a hot dog wagon...No parking signs extend from 154 all the way to the base of Figueroa Mountain Road...Looks like a lot of civil disobedience, as there are a lot of folks parked along side the road."

Only in America...

A couple of emails from readers about this:

From Bill B.:"Five grand for holding a parking spot at Neverland!!! I love America!!!"

Dane K. "It's good to be the king, even if your dead?"

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