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Cramer: Why You Should Buy Stocks Now

Off to the Races?

Investors seem rather bullish, Cramer said Monday, considering the negative sentiment that recently has ruled the market. Pundits and money managers alike have forecast doom and gloom for stocks and the economy, but that didn’t stop the sector rotation we saw today from so-called safety plays into more economically sensitive cyclicals.

What’s going on? The market is looking ahead, as it always does, and it sees a recovery of sorts six months from now. This isn’t a prediction of some bust-to-boom move, but rather an assumption that we’re leaving the depression for something much less drastic. So investors are buying now in anticipation of that.

Freeport-McMoRan , US Steel , BHP Billiton , Eaton , Caterpillar and the like will all run now because Wall Street knows that these cyclical stocks are too cheap given the coming turn, Cramer said. Stimulus spending will continue, and that will help companies beat last year’s numbers handily. Remember, it’s been almost a year since the doldrums of September 2008, when Lehman Brothers collapsed, credit was scarce and consumers refused to spend money. That will make for some “incredibly easy compares,” and 2009’s second-half numbers should come in much higher. This fact alone is enough to raise investors’ spirits.

Hence the appearance that people are jumping the gun a bit here. While there doesn’t seem to be reason to buy stocks right now, investors are doing it anyway because they expect gains to arrive months from now. Cramer’s advice to viewers: Do the same thing.

“If you don’t,” he said, “you’ll miss the move.”

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