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Power is Sexy

Martin Heinrich
Martin Heinrich

The funny business of Washington.

The Hill, which reports on all things DC, has come out with a list of the Most Beautiful People working in Congress this year. Coming in at Number 1 is hunky Rep. Martin Heinrich, a 37-year-old Democrat from New Mexico (sorry, ladies, he's married).

The rest of the top 10 are:

25-year-old Republican Kay Gerard, who works for Maine Sen. Susan Collins

24-year-old Democrat Ryan Mann, who works for Ohio Rep. Zack Space

32-year-old Democrat Cristina Antelo, a lobbyist

70-year-old Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of Los Angeles

26-year-old Democrat Joel Colony, who works for New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen

23-year-old Democrat Gina Gribow, who works for California Rep. Jackie Speier

28-year-old nonpartisan Brianna Keilar, who covers the hill for CNN

22-year-old Democrat Kaitlin Helms, who works for North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre

29-year-old Democrat Jill Butler, who works as investigative counsel on the House Homeland Security Committee.

Maxine Waters
Maxine Waters

Anything on that list jump out at you? Hey, eight of the ten are Democrats! No, that's not it. Hmmm, let's see. We have seven people in their 20s, two in their 30s, AND ONE WHO IS 70. Now, I'm not saying Maxine Waters isn't beautiful. Look, I'm having a hard enough time keeping it together as I barrel towards 50. But is she the fifth hottest person in Congress right now? Hotter than Mary Bono Mack? Oh wait, Mack's a Republican.

Rep. Waters is always well dressed and known for her stiletto heels. The Hill reports that she's a veteran runner who has recently switched to swimming. "One key to Waters's perpetually fresh look may be that she uses her time wisely," the publication reports. "She says she has trained herself to relax and rest (and also read) on her coast-to-coast flights from her district to Washington. But there is one other trick Waters uses to always look her best. 'I bathe in moisturizer,' she says."

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