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Health Care CEOs Sound Off On Reform

Natalie Erlich|Writer/Producer

Congress may be closer to passing a health care bill that would potentially reshape the U.S. health care system, following an agreement reached among conservative Democrats on Wednesday.

In the following video highlights from, health care CEOs react to the developments taking place in Washington:

Tenet Healthcare CEO on Health Care Reform

Expecting A Public Plan

"As I've watched the debate ... I think there's been too much talk about the public option. It's actually quite likely. What is likely to emerge is probably less effective than its proponents would hope and less scary than its opponents have portrayed it. Look, I'm no expert in how the sausage is made, but my expectation based on what you've heard out of all these different committees, and of course we have our eyes mostly on the Senate Finance Committee, is that there will be some form of public option."

- Trevor Fetter, Tenet Healthcare president & CEO

Obama's Health Plan & the Private Sector

Seeking A 'Private-Public Partnership'

"What the American public wants is to rein in the rising cost of health care and we need to do that as we expand coverage for those in the country that don't have coverage. We've met with the Senate leadership and the staff of the Senate leadership.. We've met with the administration, and what we're proposing is to have reform that allows the private sector to weigh in. It's a combination. It is a private-public partnership."

- Thomas Ryan, CVS Caremark CEO

Walgreen CEO on Health Care Reform

Focus On Prevention & Wellness

"One of the key principles I think the president has had from the beginning ... That's more focus on prevention of disease and health and wellness. And I think that's absolutely where an employer can help. There's been a lot of good innovation on preventing disease. We as an example, we incent our employees who are non-smokers and decrease their premium. We know that obesity is one of the top drivers of disease in this country. I think focus on controlling obesity which drives diabetes can really help reduce our health care costs."

- Gregory Wasson, Walgreen president & CEO

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