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5 Reasons You Should Buy Citigroup… Right Now


Every night Cramer is on a mission: to give you perspective on the market that will make you money, resting on his years of experience and economic know-how. On Thursday’s show, he’s doing all that and then some.

Cramer’s dual mission: To rescue your pocketbook and the US Treasury at the same time. That’s right, he’s got a plan that can both make you money and to quickly lower the US national deficit.

To do extraordinary things, sometimes you need to go out on a limb, and Cramer is doing that by recommending Citigroup. That’s right Citigroup, the bank which is 34% owned by US taxpayers. Cramer’s reasoning is that buying this stock is the best way to serve yourself and your country… a perfect combination of patriotism and profits.

Patriotism & Profits

Just so you understand that this isn’t a purely patriotic play, Cramer has laid out five reasons why the big bank should be bought, even if it drops back down to $3 per share.

Cramer’s first reason: Simply, it’s cheap. Dirt cheap.  Although it’s difficult to figure out what Citigroup worth and what it is going to earn, but Cramer has identified its book value at about $4 per share. Cramer sees the bank, with a global franchise and profitability in hand, should sell at 1.5 times book value, not to mention that book value looks to be on the rise. Doing some basic algebra, this means you have a $6 price target.

Second: On September 10th the government is free to start selling its 34% ownership position in the company.  Here’s where he sees your opportunity to close the budget deficit. Take into account that right now the government is up almost $5 billion on its position in Citigroup. If Cramer’s price target is correct, the government and the taxpayer may have a $20 billion windfall on its plate.

Reason number three: Citigroup is the dominant bank in 108 countries outside of the United States with fifty percent of its business is in emerging markets. Citigroup is a global franchise that will recover with the rest of the world, even if America lags behind, Cramer says.

Fourth: The company is getting itself out of bad loans and doing it fast by dividing the bank into Citigroup Holdings and Citigroup proper. The latter is one-third retail banking, one third global services and one-third investment banking, which is composed of underwriting and fixed income trading. These three portions of the business are extremely profitable already, and Cramer thinks this reorganization will bring out value and help the stock make it to the $6 mark.

Fifth and final reason: The company’s existing management. Cramer doesn’t see either CEO Vikram Pandit or CFO Ned Kelly, aren’t going anywhere, as government would be out of their minds to replace them.

And why is the stock down in the 3 dollar range? The government’s dilution was terrible for existing shareholders and mortgages and credit cards certainly have the potential to go sour in a sluggish economy, but Cramer sees things on the rebound and Citigroup is heavily reserved to avoid any problems in the future.

For more reasons Citigroup has been kept down, and to see Cramer’s full analysis, check out the video!
Cramer’s bottom line: Citigroup is the “ultimate call on economic growth worldwide.” Although it’s a risky play, Cramer is giving Citigroup his blessing and thinks you should buy the company right here, right now. It’s a purchase both for the good of the country and more importantly, the good of your portfolio.

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