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New Research Proves Effectiveness of Strategic Branded Content

Independent research published today by CNBC, the leading business and financial news channel, proves the value of strategic branded content for advertisers.  The research shows that strategic branded content significantly drives advertising recall, message delivery and brand engagement amongst its audience.

Two representative groups of CNBC viewers from the UK, France and Germany were shown a segment from the CNBC produced Healthy Horizons programme, with half exposed to five second Philips branded bumpers at the beginning and end.  Both groups then watched a spot advert from another advertiser and then a Philips advert.  The group exposed to the strategic branded content associated with Philips were:

• 35% more able to recall unprompted, the brand involved
• 29% more found the accompanying spot advertising got their attention
• 33% more were able to remember the message from the accompanying spot advert
• 82% of those who watched the strategic branded content segment enjoyed the programme and felt more positive about the brand.

The research, conducted on behalf of CNBC by Continental Research, also showed that those exposed to the strategic branded content associated with Philips had:

Better engagement – they were more positive about the brand and related spot advertising

• 27% more viewers found the accompanying Philips advert interesting
• 30% more felt the spot advertising for Philips was relevant to them
• 32% more preferred the strategic branded content to other advertising and publicity they had seen.

Better awareness – viewers were significantly more likely to remember the subject of the Philips spot ad

• 83% of all viewers said they were more likely to notice a sponsor that has been associated with a programme over a period of time than one featured in an advert
• Those who saw the strategic branded content were twice as likely to be aware of Philips’ involvement in the health and wellbeing initiatives.

Brand advocates – advertisers benefit from being associated with engaging content

• 73% of those who had seen the strategic branded content were likely to recommend Philips products to a colleague or acquaintance
• 82% of all viewers said that if they enjoy a programme they tend to feel more positive about a brand which sponsors it.

Paul Maraviglia, Vice President Sales, EMEA at CNBC said: “This research sheds new light on how strategic branded content makes a direct impact on the viewer and the brand.  The study shows an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards branded content.  Viewers get great content and brands benefit from greater recall, engagement and awareness with the audience.

“The findings show how the positive association that viewers have towards a programme can rub off directly onto the brand partner.  Strategic branded content offers advertisers the chance to associate with powerful programming and enhance their brand equity.

“It’s also interesting to note that viewers exposed to strategic branded content develop a greater appetite for advertising and have higher interest levels.  Ultimately branded content viewers are significantly more likely to purchase or recommend the brand they’ve seen.  Far from being taken for granted, this research puts strategic branded content on the agenda as a powerful marketing tool.”