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Stock Picker: US and Europe Drive Techs in 2010


There are signs that there’s pent-up demand forming for servers and storage and IT spending—demand which may come in 2010, said Craig Berger, senior technology, media and telecom analyst at FBR Capital Markets. (See his stock recommendations, below.)

“As the U.S. economy improves further in 2010, and as Europe turns the corner and improves, those will be the 2010 growth drivers that may take stocks and earnings power up to the next level,” Berger told CNBC.

Notebooks, netbooks, smart phones and consumer applications were among the top products of 2009, said Berger.

“In the U.S., people want the Apple products...if there’s a great product out there consumers are willing to buy it,” said Berger.

“But the upside strength has been from China and Asia as they get back to a growth pattern.”


“I prefer Qualcomm over Intel because Qualcomm is riding the 3G wave—Qualcomm is also powering a whole lineup of smartbooks to compete with PCs.”

He added that other stocks on his recommendation list include Broadcom and Marvell .

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