The Crisis - One Year Later

The Financial Crisis: This Day—September, 2008
This Day 1 Year Ago - A CNBC Special Report - See Complete Coverage

Unlike the stock market crash of 20 years ago, the drama of the US financial crisis of 2008 lasted for weeks, not days, and the brooding stress and compounded uncertainty of each passing day took months to dissipate.

For much of September and October, fear and anticipation drove Wall Street and Washington, with one eyeing the other in a one-of-a-kind symbiotic exercise between commerce and government.

Though it's too soon to describe the crisis as a distant memory, a year — and a very long one at that — as passed.

The Crisis: 1 Year Later - A CNBC Special Report - See Complete Coverage

With an economic recovery now in sight for many, a look back at the month that shook the world is more than appropriate.

So, for the next 30 days, CNBC will give you a snapshot of each day in September, putting events and analysis in perspective.

The Crisis — Day by Day:

Sept. 30: Hope Holds—For A Change

Sept. 29: The Dow Loses 777

Sept. 28: Europe 'Contagion' Fear 

Sept. 27: 12th-Hour Deal

Sept. 26: WaMu Shut Down

Sept. 25: Prez Pushes Bailout

Sept. 24: Stopping 'Total Carnage'

Sept. 23: Buffett's Goldman Bet

Sept. 22: Euphoria Fades, Fear Glows

Sept. 21: Fed OKs Bank Changes

Sept. 20: Congress' Big Saturday

Sept. 19: Get Short Sellers

Sept. 18: $700 Billion Solution

Sept. 17: Fed Gets AIG Stake 

Sept. 16: The Great Uncertainty

Sept. 15: Monday's Triple Trouble

Sept. 14: BoFA Reaches Deal to Buy Merrill

Sept. 13: The Lehman Deal

Sept. 12: Frantic Friday

  • Video: Mack, Pandit and Bartiromo Look Back

Sept. 11: Lehman Spooks Sector

Sept. 10: AIG, WaMu Anxiety
Sept. 9: Lehman Plays Defense

Sept. 8: False Dawn

Sept. 7: To The Rescue

Sept. 6: On The Brink

Sept. 5: A Pretty Black Friday

Sept. 4: White Knights And Bears

  • Watch Exclusive Interview with Fannie and Freddie Regulator

Sept. 3: False Hope, Bad Omens

Sept. 2: Lehman Looks to Deal

Sept. 1: Storm Warning