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Who Do We Want On Twitter?


For months, we've given you the top monthly Sports Twitter Rankingsand it has been fun to keep up with everyone in the business.

But we wanted to do something fresh this month. So we give you the top 10 people in sports we WANT to be on Twitter and why.

1. Tiger Woods
Suggested Twitter Handle: @Elinshusband

We know it's never going to happen, but every sports fan wants to get inside his head. Twitter could get us closer to understanding him off the course.

2. Dan Snyder
Suggested Twitter Handle: @DannySny

With George Steinbrenner relegated to inactive, we think the Redskins owner would be the guy who would flip out the most and would be a fun follow - especially if the team isn't doing well.

3. Mike Tyson
Suggested Twitter Handle: @Imallear

Out of all the ex-athletes we can think of, it's hard to believe that anyone could generate more of a following than Tyson could.

4. Ed Hochuli
Suggested Twitter Handle: @rippedref

We don't expect anything too controversial, but since NFL officials don't really talk to the press unless something has gone horribly wrong, we think this 20-year veteran could provide some incredible nuggets of color commentary. Nothing during the game, of course.

5. Kyle Busch
Suggested Twitter Handle: @thekylefiles

There's not a more polarizing character in all of sports than Kyle Busch. This guy is an unfiltered powder keg and we can imagine him firing back missives to some of his haters. Then again, his main sponsor, M&M's, might mute him if he gets out of control.

6. Famous Chicken, aka The San Diego Chicken
Suggested Twitter Handle: @bockbockbock

The guy who has been in the costume for all these years, Ted Giannoulas, is actually a brilliant man who has probably shared the same one percent of his war stories in his decades in the costume. We'd love to hear some of the others, in 140 characters or less of course!

7. Bode Miller
Suggested Twitter Handle: @itsalldownhill

Now that the skier is back on our radar for '10 Games, we'd like to hear some new axioms from the guy who made as much noise as an Olympic flop has ever made.

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8. Plaxico Burress
Suggested Twitter Handle: @thatsmysoap

Forget the tell-all exclusive from the former New York Giants wide receiver when he gets out of prison. It's much more valuable as a blow-by-blow.

9. Melanie Oudin
Suggested Twitter Handle: @believeit

Sure she has signed some endorsement deals, including a new one with AirTran, after her amazing US Open run, but Twitter can help her hold some of her fans so she doesn't fall off the face of the earth until next August.

10. Chris Petersen
Suggested Twitter Handle: @papasmurfturf

He has reserved the name CoachPeteBoise, but the Boise State football coach hasn't tweeted. With his team now ranked No. 5 in the country, we still feel like we don't know him. Twitter allows us to be that fly on the wall. A pitch to Coach Pete? If you are good at it, it can only help recruiting. Then again, most coaches who have taken to Twitter have proven to be either boring, inept or both.

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