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The Truth Behind Bernie Madoff’s Bull

It’s big bull Tuesday here at the Pony blog — Man, we are so full of it.

Chen Wenling bull sculpture

First, it was Bank of America bringing back Merrill’s iconic bull, now it’s Bernie Madoff’s bull.

Pictures have been circulating on the Internet in the past few weeks of a sculpture of Bernie Madoff getting gored by a bull. It was done by Chinese sculptor Chen Wenling.

The knee-jerk reaction of most has been to cheer for Madoff getting gored — then wonder what’s up with the big gas cloud coming out of the bull.

In America, it’s fair to assume that it’s just a fart joke.

But this is China — and it’s a sophisticated fart joke.

fang pi

The title of the piece is fang pi, which literally means “the big fart” in Chinese. But the slang definition is “to bluff or lie.”

As we say in America — classy!

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