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Commodities Spike Starting a Long-Term Bull Market: Expert


Commodities prices are on the rise, with gold hitting another nominal high on Wednesday.

Rob Lutts, founder and chief investment officer at Cabot Money Management, and Kevin Kerr, president and chief trading officer at Kerr Trading International, shared their investment strategies.

Cashing in on Commodities

Kerr's Outlook:

Although oil prices have recently steadied around $70, Kerr remains bullish on the commodity, he said. Though there is little short-term opportunity, he's approaching it on a long-term basis.

"My real fear is that during this time of lower prices...we've invested nothing in infrastructure, we're not drilling offshore, all that talk about alternatives, nothing's happening right now," he said.

"When demand does come back, [its going to] come back and slap us in the face and there will be even less supply this time around."

Kerr said he sees the spike in commodities as the beginning stages of a "serious" bull market, caused by a paradigm shift in the dollar.

Lutts' Outlook:

Lutts agreed that oil is entering a bullish phase, adding that gold is another good place for investors to protect their portfolios.

"It's very hard to know shorter term, but longer term I think we're going to see higher prices," he said. "It's all related to the emerging market demand, and that works into gold as well."

Platinum is also a good buy as the auto industry starts to rebound, he said.

Lutts' Picks:

SPDR Gold Trust

Market Vectors Gold Miners

Powershares Global Gold & Precious Metals Portfolio

Barrick Gold

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