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Top Technology Picks from a 5-Star Manager


Richard Parower is a portfolio manager at Seligman Global Technology Fund, which is up 50 percent this year, and a co-manager at 5-star rated Seligman Communications and Information Fund, which is up 46 percent.

Investing in Tech

Offering advice to investors, Parower said it's important to avoid fads and to not be afraid to buy into stocks too early.

He credited his funds' performances to their in-depth research into new products and their direct communication with companies and resellers.

"We positioned the portfolio in areas where companies had really strong franchises, good cash flows and good earnings, and there was a really strong [return on investment] for the companies' customers to go and buy the products," he said.

Parower's Top Tech Picks:


Open Text

Micro Focus

Tivit (Brazil)

Aspen Technology


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Disclosure information was not available for Parower or his company.