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Getting You Back to Even


“The crash has occurred,” Cramer said during Monday’s Mad Money. “It’s over – let’s move on.”

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He was speaking directly to those doomsayers who are staring Dow 10,000 in the face yet still refuse to believe in a recovery. These are the people who advocate buying US Treasurys, which Cramer called “perhaps the most dangerous asset of all” right now, and passive index funds, even though those funds haven’t made shareholders any money in 10 years. They’re the same pundits who have missed the entire move since early March and can’t admit they’ve been wrong.

“Where is the contrition?” Cramer asked, saying that retail investors were owed an explanation.

Getting Even

Cramer said it was really a matter of respect. As in, these pundits have none for Mad Money viewers. If they did, then they’d be urging the rest of us to actively manage our own portfolios so we could leave the depression/recession behind us and recoup our losses.

That’s what Cramer has been doing. That’s why he has been recommending dividend-paying stocks, recovery stocks, IPOs and secondary offerings. He wants to help you get back to even. Hence the title of his latest book. Even at Dow 9,885, there are still plenty of ways to make money – the mobile Internet and homeland security, to name a couple – and investors should take advantage of them, not sit idly by in investment vehicles that don’t work.

So what’s the bottom line?

Those telling you to avoid stocks either missed the bottom or rode the market all the way down there. Now they’re justifying their underperformance by saying the same is in store for you.

“Me?” Cramer said. “I know you deserve better.”

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