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Premium Seats Worth Less Than 50 Percent Of Cost


It was obvious that much of corporate America wasn’t showing up at the sporting events that they had tickets for, but many readers were shocked when they saw our report earlier this month that revealed that an estimated 43 percent of sports tickets went unused.

The data was provided to us by Corporate Events Group, a company that helps companies internally manage their ticket inventory.

Today, they’re back with another stat that is mind-blowing. Premium seats (club or suite tickets) are selling on the secondary market for less than 50 percent of their face value in 2009, according to Anthony Knopp, vice president of business development for the company. In some instances, Knopp says, the most valuable seats in the stadium are selling for as low as 20 percent of the original cost.

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Teams have dealt reacted differently depending on the extent to which they thought they had to adjust to make sure the price was right in the new economy. The New York Yankees, whose seats were as costly as $2,500, cut prices by as much as 40 percent. But the Washington Nationals haven’t changed the most expensive seat in their park — $300 per game — for next year.

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