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Black Monday - 22 Years Later


Exactly 22 years ago today, the markets took their worst 1-day percentage drop in history as the Dow and S&P 500 shed 22.6% and 20.5% respectively during Black Monday.  We have come a long way since then as the markets are trading today at new intraday highs for 2009.  The Dow and S&P hit intraday peak levels of 10,117.21 and 1100.02 today, up ~481% and ~388% since Black Monday.  Note that the worst point drops ever for the Dow and S&P happened last year on September 29, 2008 when the Dow lost 778 points and the S&P fell 106.

Here is how some major U.S. and world indices have performed since Black Monday:

U.S. Major Indexes Worst 1-day % Declines:

U.S. Major Indexes Performance since Black Monday (10/19/1987):

-Dow is up 475%
-S&P is up 383%
-Nasdaq Composite is up 499%

Major International Indexes Performance since 10/19/1987:

-Germany's DAX is up 335%
-UK's FTSE is up 153%
-China's Hang Seng is up 552%
-Japan's Nikkei is down -60%
-Australia's ASX 200 Index is up 134%

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