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More Time W/ Tim... Seymour Of Course!


Wish you could spend more time with Tim? You can! All this week the Ambassador is making more of his expert advice on overseas action available for you - only on the web!

#1 Emerging Market Trader Toolbox: ADRs

Emerging Market Trader Toolbox: ADRs

Tim Seymour breaks down ADRs – or, American Depository Receipts – the best way to get a slice of an emerging market company right here at home.

Below you'll find some of the other Trading The Globe extras that Tim Seymour has planned for you!


#2 Emerging Market Trader Toolbox: ETFs

Not ready to go stock-picking in markets far, far away? Tim Seymour explains how ETFs use diversification to give you lower risk exposure to emerging markets.

* coming on Tuesday


#3 Emerging Market Trader Toolbox: Currencies

No investing strategy is complete without exposure to the biggest, most liquid market in the world: currencies. Tim Seymour’s got a lesson on how to add them to your emerging market playbook.

* coming on Wednesday


#4 Emerging Market Trader Toolbox: The Emerging Middle Class
It’s not just about commodities anymore. Tim Seymour reveals the best way to trade the consumer in emerging markets, home to the world’s fastest growing middle class.

* coming on Thursday

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