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Cramer on Caterpillar's Next Move


Expect Caterpillar to start hiring again soon, Cramer said during Tuesday’s Stop Trading!.

CAT reported a blowout quarter this morning, delivering 64 cents a share when analysts expected just 6 cents a share. While the recession forced the company to slim down in order to survive, Cramer predicted that a weak dollar would spark an increase in international orders. Caterpillar would need to boost its workforce to meet them.

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“When I go over their quarter,” Cramer said, “I think they’re short staffed.”

CAT CEO Jim Owens has talked about the potential in Iraq, something a lot of investors see as well. A lot of Mad Money investors are looking for ways to trade the country’s currency, the dinar.

The problem? Cramer doesn’t know of any vehicle through which to do so. In fact, there are few opportunities to invest there: the Babylon Fund, broker Auerbach Grayson and Northern Gulf Partners plans to open a related mutual fund – none of which Cramer recommended, just to be clear. He called on the companies that run exchange-traded funds to create an ETF for Iraq.

“The one that sets it up first,” Cramer said, “is going to get a lot of dollars in it.”

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